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Ready Made Plans

Starter Pack $1250

Kickstarts your online brand presence with active engagement on 2 social platforms, an SEO foundation, strategic ads, and concise monthly progress reports.

Global Domination $5000

Offers unmatched brand outreach with endless content on 6 platforms, top-tier SEO with a $500 setup, and 4 monthly email drives to boost leads and sales

Enterprise Elevate $2500

Offers 10 targeted posts on 4 platforms monthly, complete SEO, strategic ads, and detailed analytics for a streamlined digital strategy.

Speedy Services

Content Drafting $200

Provides expertly crafted articles tailored to engage your target audience and enhance your digital marketing efforts.

Swift SEO Review $300

Offers a prompt and comprehensive evaluation of your website’s search engine optimization standing.

Video Polish $500

Enhances the quality and impact of your video content, ensuring it resonates with your audience.

A La Carte Service

Client Outreach: Direct client phone outreach and content creation for effective communication.

Market Analytics: Analysis of client and competitor activities for informed business strategies.

Email Campaigns:
Tailored email marketing for customer attraction and retention, suitable for all businesses.

SEO for Website: Enhancing website content and structure for better search engine visibility.

Social Media Engagements: Monitoring social media interactions (likes, comments, shares, follows) to gauge content effectiveness and community building.

Pricing Plan

"Choose Your Plan, Speed, and Service"

Encapsulates our commitment to providing a tailored experience for every client’s digital marketing needs.

2 platforms with 4 posts SEO Setup/Ad Campaigns /Monthly performance reports Starter Pack

$1250per month

4 platform with 10 posts monthy / SEO Setup / ad strategies / In-depth monthly analtics Enterprise Elevate

$2500per month

6 platform with 0 posts limit / SEO Setup / ad placement / Comprehensive monthly insight Global Domination

$5000per month

Enhances video content with expert editing & optimization for a high-impact. Video Polish

$500 per clip

Get a quick yet through review of your website's SEO status Swift SEO Review than

$300 per review

Provides expertly crafted articles to engage your audience & booster your digital marketing. Content Drafting

$200 per article

A Client Outreach

$15/hr or $550/ week Virtual Assistant Services

$550per video

$200/page Content Crafting

$200per video

$15/hr or $550/week Phone Engagement

$550per video

B Market Analytics

Starting at $600 Niche Investigation

$600per video

$450/evaluation User Feedback Study

$450per video

$350/review Rival Overview

$350per video

$500/report Client Behavior Analysis

$500per video

C SEO for Website

$750/month Ongoing Maintenance

$750per video

Initial Setup

$500per video

D Social Media Engagements

$450/month (3 post/week) Intense

$450per video

$350/month (2 posts/week) Moderate

$350per video

$250/month (1 post/week) Intro

$250per video

E Explainer Videos

Starting at $550 (beyond 1 min) Full-Feature

$550per video

$400 (up to 1 min) Extended

$400per video

$300 (31-45 secs) Intermediate

$300per video

$200 (up to 30 secs) Brief

$200per video

F Email Campaigns

$750/month (up to 10,000 emails) Pro

$750per video

$350/month (up to 5,000 emails) Essential

$350per video

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24/7 Digital Hub LLC helps businesses optimize how they communicate and engage with their customers. We strive to offer you with simple-to-use business texting platform with the reliability, oversight, flexibility, and security to enhance communication with customers and increase SMS marketing results. Our Explainer videos are target Specific, and increases traffic to your business.

We offer Search Engine Optimization Solutions that improve your online visibility and reputation

We have integrated years of enterprise experience into creating a platform your business can depend on, day in and day out.

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